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Wind in her Hair
Girl on Red
Sewing Studio

My passion for design started at a young age. But if I am being honest, I really wanted to be a ventriloquist. Very glad I went in a different direction.


When I was about 8 years old I cut off all of my Barbie's hair so I could turn her into Sinead O’Connor. "Nothing Compares to you" was really hot at that time. My mother then knew I would never become a doctor. By the time middle school hit, I was always doodling and drawing fairies with large cozy boots. I’m pretty sure I invented UGGs in 1994. But I digress. My doodling eventually turned into designing some of my own dance competition costumes and then prom dresses. I even took sewing classes at “Sewing with Rhonda". I was legit. 

I eventually found my way to New York City where I received my BFA in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and then got out there in the world of fashion.  Currently with over 15 years experience, I continue to learn, grow, and be humbled by my work and the reach I have by working for a large retailer. To this day, it never gets old when I see a child wearing something I designed. Something that was once a sketch on a piece of scrap paper or an idea in my head, now is bringing joy to a child or parent. Having a shared moment of joy with our guests its the most rewarding part of my career. ​

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